Flexible Date

You are able to choose your own start date.

Flexible Level

You are able to choose the grade level & courses you'd like to tutor.

Flexible Schedule

You are able to take charge of your own schedule.

Our Fully Managed Service

Provides 24/7 support,
handles all administrative details,
connects tutors with students in China.

How It Works

01 Register for a Tutor Account

After you sign up for a free Tutor Account, you'll be able to begin the application process.

02 Submit your Tutor Profile

Here you complete your Tutor Profile by indicating your avaliable times, choice of courses and by submitting a photo, sample video clip and resume. If you application is approved, you can advance to the next step.

03 Complete Our Required Testing

If you successfully complete our required Tutorial Connection Test (TCT), your Tutor Account will be activated.

04 Appear in our Tutor Directory

Students access our Tutor Directory to view Tutor Profile and select the tutor of their choice.

05 Begin Tutoring

When a student indicates they would like to work with you, we'll send you an email.
When you confirm your availability, your schedule will appear online and we'll keep it updated.

Join us now

gain valuable hands-on experience,
work part-time as an independent contractor
access free training and resources.